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ALP Counseilng Services


Individual Counseling


Individual counseling focuses on the specific needs, challenges, thoughts,  and behaviors of people internally.  Many adults, adolescents, and  children with mental health needs have low self esteem, making it difficult for them to exhibit good decision making skills, build  relationships with others easily, or communicate their needs effectively  to others.  In individual counseling, clients are able to discuss their  concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment, thus allowing them  to view their thoughts from a different perspective than their own.   Many times when individuals can begin to trust their own judgement and  build skills in communicating with others effectively, their self-esteem is restored and they are able to make more sound, appropriate decisions  for themselves. 

Family Counseling


 The focus of family counseling is to examine the entire family unit as a  whole.  Many families struggle with appropriate boundaries, effective  communication, and overall cohesiveness.  When working with families it is important to build on the strengths of each individual member, while  identifying each person's role within the family.  The overall goal of  family therapy is to rebuild key relationships.  At times it is  important to identify unwanted behaviors or thoughts in the home in  order to create a more positive and less hostile environment for  everyone. 

Couples Counseling


 In an intimate relationship there are essential components that must exist; trust, communication and respect.  When these areas are strained, broken, or being ignored the relationship is at risk for turmoil.  Day to day arguments, lying, or seeking outside relationships for support are a few examples of when couples counseling may be beneficial.   Couples counseling can be useful for not only solving issues in the relationship, but also for identifying them.  Often couples have trouble  pinpointing the exact issues causing them distress.  Couples counseling can examine the overall relationship and help identify the areas that need adjusted or revamped in order to help re-establish the relationship. 

Online Counseling


Online counseling is a therapy process that can assist a variety of clients.  Individuals in remote areas with limited access to therapists or those home bound individuals, whether due to physical  limitations or mental health concerns (i.e. agoraphobia and social  anxiety), may benefit from online  services.  

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